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Auriga Energy Marine Fuel Cell System Granted Approval in Principle

Auriga Enery has completed a CMDC 2 design study, with our partner developer of a novel electric motor, to define a fuel cell system and powertrain delivering up to 3MW to an offshore workboat. This design utilises multiples of the the company’s next generation fuel cell modules to deliver the power in a safe, reliable and high efficiency system. The proposed design and installation was reviewed for safety by Lloyd’s Register, culminating with LR granting our design an ‘Approval in Principle’.Auriga Energy Marine Fuel cell granted Approval in Principle -press release

MARANDA advisory board

By invitation, Auriga Energy has joined the advisory board of the MARANDA project – June 2017.  MARANDA, is a FCH JU funded project, which aims to accelerate the introduction of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen in the Marine sector.

Auriga Energy Features at PlugBoat 2015

Auriga Energy featured at the 2nd World Electric & Hybrid Boat Summit in Amsterdam.  The pioneering Hydrogenesis project and the case for hydrogen and fuel cell power in marine applications was well appreciated by the expert audience.

Hydrogen for Emissions Control

Auriga Energy presented the case for hydrogen as a clean marine fuel for the future, addressing its advantages, suitability and safety implications at the Lloyds Maritime Academy seminar titled “Emissions Controls: Compliance and Enforcement”.  The seminar was held in London on 7-8 May 2015 and was attended by an international audience.

Hydrogenesis features as a forerunner for future shipping

The Hydrogenesis project featured at the “Future Fuels for Shipping” seminar hosted in London by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy in November 2014.  Participants of the Seminar came from a number of countries in Europe as well as the UK.  The presentation illustrated hydrogen in use as a future fuel for shipping to help meet the the requirements of the MARPOL treaty Annex VI.

Auriga Energy’s fuel cell ferry features in EU FCH JU workshop, Venice

Auriga Energy’s Bristol ferry project featured at the “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for maritime and harbour applications: current status and future perspectives in the EU” workshop organised in Venice by the FCH JU on 14th June 2013.  The objective of the workshop was to understand current and future clean energy technology solutions for marine applications, ranging from freight and passenger transportation, logistics and back-up power to harbour facilities and infrastructure in order to inform the EU funding streams.

First installation in London

Auriga Energy has completed its first installation in the heart of the London.  The AurigaGen backup power system, installed in a 3rd floor office, is keeping a business operational through power outages.

Hydrogenesis demonstrating the future marine fuel

Auriga Energy presented the Hydrogenesis project at the Shipping Emissions Abatement and Trading SEAaT conference in London on 18th April 2013.  The presentation showed the application of hydrogen in as the marine fuel for the future in the Hydrogenesis in Bristol.